722 Highlands Road Franklin, NC

Markle and Hinshaw Gynecology

Markle & Hinshaw Gynecology was established in Macon and Jackson counties in 2002, shortly after Dr Markle and Dr Hinshaw moved to this area. The practice is open to any woman wishing to avail herself of preventative healthcare or seeking management and advice about specific health concerns. Referral from another provider is welcomed but not required. The doctors maintain staff membership at Harris Regional Hospital but provide only out-patient, ambulatory health care, in coordination with the physicians and surgeons in Franklin, Sylva, and Asheville who can manage hospitalizations when necessary. Pregnancy-related services are not offered, and children under the age of 14 must be referred by a physician with whom a long-term physician-patient relationship has been established.

This practice was founded on four principles:

1. Dr Markle and Dr Hinshaw identify their persons with their professional practice, not only in name but in the nature of their relationship with their patients, which is intended to be individualized and supportive. If you make an appointment with one of the doctors, you most assuredly will be seeing that doctor.

2. Dr Markle and Dr Hinshaw believe that the benefit you derive from your physician is less satisfactory if there is insufficient time to discuss your concerns. A recent study showed that the average time given to an American patient to explain her symptoms is 23 seconds! In this practice, we strive to provide sufficient time with the doctor to afford the opportunity to discuss your all your gyn medical issues . Initial appointments may be scheduled for 60 minutes or longer, especially if a specific problem needs to be solved. Return visit appointments, when we know you better, are typically of at least 30 minutes duration, sometimes more.

3. Dr Markle and Dr Hinshaw respect the value of your time. The practice runs on schedule, and a patient who arrives at the time scheduled with no paperwork needing completion is assured of seeing her doctor with as little delay as possible, certainly no longer than ten minutes.

4. While the control of the cost of medical care is not always possible when ancillary services must be employed, an attempt will always be made to assure that financial considerations present no barrier to care in this practice.